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The single phase SG3 represent the latest innovation in ZIVAN's product range.  This rugged high frequency battery charger is sealed to IP65, and housed in a strong diecast aluminium enclosure.Thanks to IMS technology, its small size, and a vibration-proof structure, it can be easily integrated... Learn more
ZIVAN's New SG6 battery charger has a very powerful flash microprocessor with CANBUS capability and boasts the very latest in IMS MOSFET technology. ZIVAN's first model has a power rating of 2 kW and exceptional heat sink design. The SG6 has the ability to save more than 250 charging cycles while... Learn more
These new three-phase battery chargers with CANBUS interface represents the latest innovation in ZIVAN's product range.  Thanks to a "flash" microprocessor endowing with high calculation power and huge storage capacity it is able to view in historical perspective the main data concerning the last... Learn more
The Three Phase Chargers NGTOP is an innovative device with extraordinary versatility, reliability and efficiency. Different software may be installed to change the charging features and adapt them to every type of battery chemistry. The high power and efficiency of these chargers assures the user... Learn more
The Zivan Battery Discharger is a portable device that can determine the efficiency of a battery, new or used. It can measure the Ah supplied by the battery before reaching the level at which it is considered fully discharged (typically 1.7 V per cell).  This discharge is performed at a constant... Learn more
With a new design, this product is available in a reduced size and weight of just 19.8 pounds. It is easily wall mounted or transportable to provide on the spot service to a disabled vehicle. Once set, the device does not need the presence or assistance of an operator. As a charger, it can replace... Learn more

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October 31, 2012
With the addition to our group of a global leader in the production of electric motors, Zapi has...