The charger’s heart is a flashable microprocessor equipped with Can Bus interface suitable to several devices connection (PC, BMS, CONTROLLER). Its memory is able to record and store up to 1000 charging cycles insuring a complete analysis on the battery behavior and its use. High power allows fast and opportunity charging to any kind of battery and all adjustments can be done by its programmable display.

Through the MODE button you can select the battery chemistry (lead acid, gel, AGM, Li-Ion), choose among multiple charging profiles (IUIA, IU1U20, IU0), battery capacities and reduces times of recharge according to specific application. A desulphation charge and a delayed start is available as well as a stainless steel box to prevent corrosion in open-air application.

Technical Specifications

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October 31, 2012
With the addition to our group of a global leader in the production of electric motors, Zapi has...