ZAPI sales in this marketplace are around 9,000 units and are increasing constantly. We offer pitch box solutions for wind turbines ranging between 1,0 and 5,0 MW in size. ZAPI is able to provide a complete pitch system or a single component; moreover, we are able to customize the application considering the specific requirements of the customer.  Although our pitch system is completely interchangeable with the applications currently present in the marketplace, the technology is completely different.

These differences in the technology allow us to offer a more reliable system at a lower cost. ZAPI is able to reduce cost due to the simple fact that the components are produced in high quantities. ZAPI is able to improve system performance because the components have an automotive design and can withstand vibration, shock and thermal stress that products designed for the industrial market cannot endure.

ZAPI also makes the benefits of low voltage available to the wind turbine industry.

Galvanic isolation between the pitch system and the grid provides high immunity from flash events or lightning strikes. Our system is capable of conducting its safety related functions in the event of grid power failure or a severed power line. Our system, through the use of super capacitors instead of batteries, highly increases the system reliability and eliminates battery maintenance.

System communication is available via CANBUS or industrial BUS depending on the customer requirements. All components are diagnosed and the related information is shared with the Master Controller. This allows for remote system diagnosis and preventative maintenance planning.


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October 31, 2012
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