Q:  Do I have to call the OEM of the vehicle to get troubleshooting support?

A:  Most OEMs prefer to control the troubleshooting advice given regarding their machines.  So, it is always advisable to contact a dealer or the OEM directly for support.

Q:  Where do I get a ZAPI diagnostic tool?

A:  If you are a dealer of our OEM customer, you must purchase any diagnostic tool from the OEM parts department.  ZAPI, Inc can sell the standard tool to non-dealers, but some machines will require a customized version of the tool or a password to make any changes to parameters.  Our sales department can assist you in understanding the best option for servicing your particular vehicle.

Q:  Do you offer remanufacturing services?

A:  Yes.  ZAPI, Inc is the only authorized repair center for ZAPI parts in North America.  We have exclusive agreements with some OEM partners that may restrict us from selling certain parts on the open market.  Please contact our sales department for information on buying remanufactured controllers.

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