Sales and Distribution

At ZAPI, we are aware that each of our products is a critical component of any application into which it is applied.  Therefore, intelligence and experience should each be leveraged in the design, selection, and application of our customers' vehicles.

One of the key roles that ZAPI Inc plays for our customers is this leveraging of intelligence and experience to create the most robust, most efficient, and well-functioning electrical systems on the market.  We are able to tap into a global network of Engineers, supply partners, and customers to solve any design issue in the most appropriate and shortest way possible.  Our customers trust ZAPI to be their electrical experts in the development process.  So, while we focus on what we do best, the customer can focus on what it does best.  The result is always a strong, trusted system solution.

Also, in today's global supply-chain, logistics worries need to be eliminated.  This too, is a key role played by ZAPI Inc.  In order to reduce lead times, increase flexibility, and control costs for our customers, ZAPI Inc imports the goods on their behalf.  Within our facility, we are able to hold safety stock for each customer and delivery at their request.  By combining goods for numerous customers, import costs are controlled and our customers are able to pay stable USD prices year after year.

All of the logistical support of a world-class distributor matched with global technical expertise makes ZAPI much more than just a supplier.

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October 31, 2012
With the addition to our group of a global leader in the production of electric motors, Zapi has...