For years, ZAPI has worked diligently to develop the most robust, versatile, and most reliable electronics in the motor control world. We are known for this quality product design and manufacturing within our core markets, and mostly for AC motor controllers.  Now, we have adapted our AC product line to drive dual permanent magnet motors; with select models offering an additional pump section to drive a single DC pump motor.  This will allow you the ability to have all the advantages of the AC product and allow you to continue using your current permanent magnet motors.


Technical Specifications

  • 11 digital inputs to +Batt
  • 2 digital inputs to –Batt
  • 2 analog inputs
  • 4 (+ 2 auxiliary) outputs driving to –Batt 2 pwm controlled outputs
  • 1 proportional output (current controlled)
Max Current

100 - 200

  • Dimensions: 138 x 180 x 74 mm
  • Connector Type: Molex Minifit
  • Available with base plate
Motor Technology
  • DC Brushed PM
Other Features
  • Flash memory
  • CANBUS interface
Power Section
  • 24V @ 80A + 80A peak
  • 24V @ 80A + 80A peak, + 270A (HP version)
  • 24V @ 120A + 120A peak (PW version)
  • 24V @ 120A + 120A peak, + 270A (HP+PW version)
  • 36V, 48V @ 70A + 70A peak
  • 36V, 48V @ 70A + 70A peak, + 270A (HP version)
  • 36V, 48V @ 105A + 105A peak, (PW version)
  • 36V, 48V @ 105A + 105A peak, + 270A (HP+PW version)
Sealing Rating
24, 36, 48

Interested in this product?

Interested in this product?

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