This electronic module is an intelligent, interactive user interface for operators and service engineers. The graphic display informs the operator of the truck status to include; BDI, HC's, operating modes and fault control. The membrane covered keypad allows for custom user setups and calibration of vehicle sensors.


Technical Specifications

  • Inputs: 18 digital to include:
  • PNP type VBatt
  • Input impedance of 10KOhms
  • Threshhold level 10V
  • 4 Digital to include:
  • NPN type + 5
  • Input impedance 4.7KOhm
  • Threshhold level Analog input
  • 5 Analog to include:
  • 0 - 5V
  • Input impedance > 100KOhm (usually fingertip control)
  • 3 analog to include:
  • 0 - 7.5V
  • Input impedance > 100KOhm (usually potentiometer control: traction, brake etc...)
  • Outputs: 3 to include:
  • ON - OFF NPN type 500A - 48V
Sealing Rating

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Interested in this product?

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