The CAN - IO device has been developed to operate as an intelligent input module which is able to read a variety of digital and analog inputs and broadcast them on the CANBUS network. This allows expansion of the I/O capabilities of any of our CANBUS capable motor controllers and provides for a simplification of the wiring harness, as only 4 wires are required to connect to other nodes of the CAN network. 

In addition, the double-microcontroller architecture (master-slave hierarchy) improves the safety level of many functions by providing an additional check for both analog and digital inputs.


Technical Specifications

  • 13 Digital Inputs (active to +B)
  • 3 Analog inputs (0 - 5V)
  • Encoder Interface
  • Stepper motor interface
  • Complimentary (double) potentiometer interface
  • 4 outputs (driving to -B, 0.5A maximum)
  • Dimensions: 82x197x73 mm
  • Connector: Two Ampseal
Other Features
  • Dual 16 bit microcontroller with embedded flash memory
  • ESD protected CANBUS interface
Power Section
  • Input voltage: 0 -50 V
Sealing Rating

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