The EcoSmart Display is the most recent display product released by ZAPI. 

Taking the aspects of our Graphic Smart Display and incoporating them into a smaller package has created a device that can be a low-cost alternative on larger machines or an affordable upgrade on smaller machines.  Either way, this handy display, with its highly-visible LCD is our most versatile display yet.

Technical Specifications

  • Communication: CAN
  • Communication: RS232 - current loop only for handset and laptop
  • Connection: Minifit with rubber gasket protection
  • Graphics: LED
  • Backlit
  • 128 x 64 pixel resolution
  • 5 button Navipad
  • 5 red LED diagnostic display
Other Features
  • Digital control by microprocessor
  • Flash memory
  • Operator adjustable parameters
  • Operator password
  • Service password
  • Maintenance features
  • Truck hour counter
  • Truck fault log
  • BDI profiles
Power Section
  • 24V - 96V

Interested in this product?

Interested in this product?

For pricing and additional information call us at 919-789-4588 or complete this easy form:

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