Interface Devices

With this console it is possible to interact with the controller via CAN or Serial communication in order to monitor the real time operation and to change the software parameters in order to better fit the application. The console onboard USB port permits also to import/export controller... Learn more
Along with our trusted motor controllers, motors, and battery chargers, Zapi has now added joysticks to our arsenal. Each version can have CANBus, upon request.  Contact us for more information about this exciting new offering.
The Graphic Smart Display adds a full graphical LCD display to the traditional Smart Display.  A 20-step battery state-of-charge meter, steered-wheel position indicator, and full-text alarms are all great features of this product. Some customers have even found that this device, when customized,... Learn more
The EcoSmart Display is the most recent display product released by ZAPI. Taking the aspects of our Graphic Smart Display and incoporating them into a smaller package has created a device that can be a low-cost alternative on larger machines or an affordable upgrade on smaller machines.  Either way... Learn more
This version of the ZAPI Multi-function Digital Indicator incorporates CANBUS communication.  So, our basic gage product can now communicate with the most sophisticated systems.  The MDI-CAN also allows simplification of the wiring of the vehicle as compared to traditional RS-232 devices.


The Multi-function Digital Indicator is a classic BDI gage, but with the added feature of numerical alarm code display.  It is possible to customize this device to display speedometer or odometer-type information in certain applications.  The MDI communicates with any ZAPI motor controller via RS-... Learn more

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October 31, 2012
With the addition to our group of a global leader in the production of electric motors, Zapi has...