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These new three-phase battery chargers with CANBUS interface represents the latest innovation in ZIVAN's product range.  Thanks to a "flash" microprocessor endowing with high calculation power and huge storage capacity it is able to view in historical perspective the main data concerning the last charge cycles, elevating its feasibility and performance.  By a sole button it is easy to modify the charging features, visualize them on the display and fit them to any type of battery.  The high power and efficiency of these ZIVAN chargers guarantee a significant energy savings and subsequent economic advantage.  This allows for a short return-on-investment in choosing these high frequency chargers, ranking them among the leading units available on the market with the best relationship between quality and price.

Technical Specifications

  • 2 internal relays (both NC and NO connections)
  • 1 battery thermal sensor input
  • Dimensions: 545 x 265 x 115 mm
  • Cover: Self Extinguishing ABS
  • Base: Metal
  • Weight: 19.8 lbs
Other Features
  • Flash memory
  • CANBUS interface
  • Output short circuit protection
  • Mode selectable charge curves with visual dislay
Power Section
  • NG5: 5Kw output
  • NG7: 7Kw output
  • NG9: 9Kw output
  • Output voltage tolerance: +/- 0.5%
  • Input voltage: 400/480 VAC +/- 15%
  • Input frequency: 50 - 60 Hz
  • Efficiency: >87%
Sealed or Fan Cooled
Fan Cooled
Sealing Rating
Supply Type
Three Phase

Interested in this product?

Interested in this product?

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