With this model, ZAPI brings our 15 years of industry leading experience with brushless motor control technology and provides a flexible and robust product.  This model is designed to drive one asynchronous or synchronous motor, and has a peak power output of up to 94KVa.

Depending on the application, this unit can process the majority of the vehicle control through the configurable onboard I/O.

The field-upgradable firmware can be fully customized to the OEM's specifications, or a CANopen solution can be supplied to provide superior flexibility.  Multi-motor algorithms such as dual-drive and quad-drive are available, by linking the controllers via CANBUS, thus creating an adaptable electronic differential. 

This ACE-5 is configured to run asynchronous motor technologies such as AC induciton.  This model is compatible with incremental encoder signals to determine motor RPM feedback.

The BLE-5 is configured to run synchronous motor technologies such as PMAC, BLDC, and IPMAC.  This model is compatible with Hall Effect or Sin/Cos encoder signals to determine motor RPM feedback.

This ZAPI motor controller comes standard with CANBUS and RS-232 communication, Flash programming, and ZAPI's patented algorithm are compatible with ZAPI's standard diagnostic tool.

Extended warranty available.

Technical Specifications

  • 9 digital inputs
  • 2 analog inputs
  • 1 analog motor thermal input
  • 1 motor RPM feedback port
  • 2 outputs: driving to -Batt, 1.5A peak for 36V/48V, 0.5A peak for 80V+
Max Current

700 - 800, 800 - 900, 900 - 1000

  • Dimensions: 300 x 370 x 144 mm
  • Connector Type: Ampseal
  • Available with aluminum base plate or finned heat sink
Motor Technology
  • ACIM
  • BLDC
  • PMAC
Other Features
  • Flash memory
  • CANBUS interface
  • Serial interface
Power Section
  • 36V,48V @ 1000Arms peak
  • 72V,80V @ 1000Arms peak
  • 96V @ 800Arms peak
  • 120V @ 750Arms Peak
Sealing Rating
36, 48, 72, 80, 96, 120

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